A Message From Our Founder

Nancy Dershaw

Nancy Dershaw pic.jpeg

As the daughter of two Holocaust Survivors, I understood at an early age how different my life would be in comparison to my classmates.  I heard first-hand accounts of the horrors my parents faced during the war, and how it affected their lives.  It was clear to me that I had to be the voice for those who survived and those who did not.  Together with other children of Holocaust Survivors who shared the same passion and determination, we created NEXT GENERATIONS of Holocaust Survivors in 2004.  We felt empowered to be their messengers and to support their authentic voices. 

The values my parents instilled in me continue to ring true today.  Despite the fact that they initially could not read, write or speak English, they created a successful business through hard work and determination. "Never give up!"

"Never forget where you came from!"  I felt compelled to leave my successful business to complete my Masters Degree in Holocaust and Genocide studies. It was clear to me that I had to be a champion to those who did not survive, those who had no voice. 


After placing a small ad in the newspaper, I received responses from other children of Holocaust Survivors, all with a shared passion and commitment to continue their parent's legacy.  We formed NEXT GENERATIONS over seventeen years ago with a vision and dedication of these individuals, many of whom are still active in our organization today.


My vision for the organization is to preserve the memories and stories of survival told by our parents, to support those Survivors who are in need, and to educate future generations with the hope that lessons learned from the Holocaust can initiate an awareness of the destructive force of hatred. Our goal is to help future generations understand the dangers that can befall all of us if we sit by and allow hatred and bigotry to go unchecked.  No one can be exempt from moral responsibility.


Our members devoted time, love and energy to make NEXT GENERATIONS what it is today.  We have established ourselves as a respected organization, implementing Holocaust education and awareness in educational, civic and religious institutions.  We are an organization that has heard the cries of the victims of the Holocaust, vowed never to forget, and promised our parents that the world would be a better and safer place for our children.