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NEXT GENERATIONS is committed to sharing lessons of the Holocaust and has a team of professional educators that will work with teachers and school administrators to customize highly interactive lessons for elementary and high school students.  Skills taught include mitigating gender bias and stereotypes, scapegoating and cyber-bullying.  Through self-reflection techniques and exploration of the language of hate, students gain an understanding of how to be an upstander, rather than a bystander.  Classes most often include living history lessons, as educators are accompanied by a Holocaust Survivor or the children of Holocaust Survivors.     


In addition, NEXT GENERATIONS collaborates with local universities and colleges through the GenZ project which involves students and Survivors in creative interpretations of poetry, art and music.  Our philosophy is that anyone can learn from the significant exchange of lessons learned from the experiences of those who were persecuted by the Nazis. 


NEXT GENERATIONS of Holocaust Survivors is responsive to the needs of the offspring of Holocaust Survivors.  Research describes the exposure to trauma in families as inherited trauma.  We are committed to supporting the descendants of survivors and offer workshops and seminars to help children of Survivors better understand their own experiences of aging related to inherited trauma. own text and edit me. It's easy.

Holocaust education is critical.  We must bring these lessons to our future generations if we want a safer, prejudice-free world!

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Oral Testimony Project

The Oral Testimony Project is worldwide educational resource program with an age-appropriate, K-12 and beyond, curriculum. 


DVD 1 - The Human Cost of War -  Holocaust survivors in the aftermath of WW II


DVD 2 – Surviving the Shoah –  Testimonies from the children of survivors and their parents.


Developed by Dr. Rose Gatens former Director, Historical Consultant & Curriculum Developer at the FAU Center for Holocaust & Human Rights Education.


Won the prestigious Telly Award.

Memorial de la Shoa & many more

GenZ Project

Each year, the GenZ Story Expression Workshop brings the students of Lynn University and Boca Raton community together to explore history with the people who survived it.

Speakers Bureau

NEXT GENERATIONS Speaker Bureau provides a resource of expert speakers who connect with audiences on Holocaust-related subjects.


Yiddish Culture

Holocaust Survivors

Growing up as a child of a Holocaust survivor

Film & Book Reviews


and more

Life After the Holocaust



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