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Dr. Irit Felsen
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Dr. Irit Felsen is a clinical psychologist with a specialty in trauma and intergenerational transmission of trauma. Dr. Felsen was born and raised in Israel. She is the daughter of two Holocaust survivor parents.


Dr. Felsen studied in Israel and Germany and did her post-doctoral training at the Yale Psychiatric Institute at Yale University. She is an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Columbia University, Department of Psychology, and an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Yeshiva University, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. Dr. Felsen is the co-chair of the Trauma Working Group NGO on Mental Health in Consultative Relationship to the United Nations, and the co-chair of the recently established American Psychological Association Covid-19 Task Force, subgroup on “Older Adults, Seniors and Caretakers.” She is a member of the Yale Trauma Study Group, Genocide Studies Program. Dr. Felsen’s clinical work and research have been focused on the long-term effects of trauma in the life of Holocaust survivors, on the relationships between PTSD and psychosis in survivors of the Holocaust, and on the effects of parental trauma in the family and on intergenerational transmission of effects related to the trauma of the Holocaust. Dr. Felsen’s work has been published in book chapters and papers in professional journals, including the American Journal of Psychiatry; Psychoanalytic Psychology; American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Journal of Psychoanalysis, Self and Context, and others.

Keren Toledano

Keren Toledano is a writer and painter based in New York City. She received her BA in English Literature from Harvard University, and her MA in Arts & Humanities Education from New York University. She worked as a literary agent, story editor, writer and film archivist, before committing herself to the creative life. After publishing several short stories in literary journals, writer’s block led her to explore fine art. In her first solo show in 2017, THE ACT BUT NOT THE THING IS SACRED, she coupled abstract collage with excerpts from her torn up stories—a reminder never to marry her darlings.  She now splits her time between painting and writing, finding connections across disciplines. In Light of This & Other Things is her first long form piece. She is currently at work on a young adult novel based on her grandmother's story of survival.

In Light of this & Other Things is a work of historical fiction closely based on the life of Isidore Karten, a Jewish partisan during WWII. Isidore formed a resistance group in the forests of Eastern Poland that saved 400 souls, including that of the love of his life--Julia Grossberg. It is a story of remarkable strength and courage, not just in the face of death, but in the face of living when all has been lost.  The book serves as a model for the future of Holocaust memoir and testimonial. What becomes of the 'truth' when there is no one left to tell it? Do we simply move on or imbue these stories with new life? It is the hope of the author that more people will tell the stories they've been left, sealing oral history into writing.


For those interested in pre-reading her book, it is available on Amazon.

Roslyn Franken

Her earlier books include THE A LIST: 9 GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR HEALTHY EATING AND POSITIVE LIVING and one she co-authored entitled DEATH CAN WAIT: STORIES FROM CANCER SURVIVORS. Roslyn has also recently launched her Author Coaching program to help aspiring authors get their stories out of their heads, onto the page and out to the world.


Roslyn Franken has had many media appearances. In Florida, she has appeared on NBC Daytime, ABC Action News and Spectrum Bay News 9 Television and in newspapers including The Jewish Press of Tampa, The Jewish Press of Pinellas, Tampa Bay Times and more. In Canada, Roslyn has been featured in the Canadian Jewish News, Ottawa Jewish Bulletin, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette and on CTV and CBC news and more.

Roslyn Franken is an internationally acclaimed author and inspirational speaker. She is best known for her book entitled, MEANT TO BE: A TRUE STORY OF MIGHT, MIRACLES AND TRIUMPH OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT, about how her parents, as two young Jewish teenagers, survived captivity continents apart during World War II and met to find everlasting love, against all odds.  Her mother survived the horrors of Auschwitz and other concentration camps throughout Nazi Europe while her father survived the Nagasaki atomic bomb as a prisoner of war in Japan.

Her parents’ story was the subject of a Gemini award-nominated CBC television documentary in Canada and a feature film adaptation of her book, MEANT TO BE, is currently in development for production through an American film production company.


For those interested in pre-reading her book, it is available on Amazon.

Riva Ginsburg

Keeping the Yiddish language alive is one of the most powerful ways to defeat Hitler’s goal of “The Final Solution”. Yiddish enables us to enter the doors of a magnificent literature and culture that helps us understand the soul of the Jewish people of pre-war Eastern Europe. Professor Riva Ginsburg will explore the history, humor, and wisdom of this language in addition to exploring where Yiddish is today and its future.


Riva Ginsburg was born in a displaced persons camp in Fahrenwald, Germany, after the Holocaust. She has taught Yiddish language and culture at Binghamton University of New York State and has taught at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Her expertise focuses on Yiddish language and culture, Jewish Resistance and the generation after the Holocaust.

Greta Brewer

For the past twenty-five years, Greta Brewer has been leading book discussion groups for a number of organizations and country clubs. Her reviews have been described as informative, thought-provoking, entertaining and probing examinations of human nature. Greta was a French teacher in both New York and Florida and did her graduate studies in comparative literature. She also served as a French court translator for the 15th Judicial Circuit in Palm Beach County.


Greta’s presentations incorporate ideas and questions on identity, fractured loyalties and cultural influences. They always promise to be spirited.

Avital Merizon

Self-care can lead you toward happier and healthier lives. Mindfulness will help you lower your stress levels, decrease loneliness, improve attention and manage chronic pain. Participants of this program will be able to:


  1. Identify the definition of mindfulness and self-care

  2. Identify the benefits of the effect of mindfulness on our body and mind

  3. Understand how to practice mindfulness and effective self-care

  4. Practice mindfulness exercises


As the Holocaust Survivor Person-Centered Trauma Informed (PCTI) Care Program Director for 4 years, Avital is in charge of development and implementation of the PCTI (Person Centered Trauma Informed) Care Program, along with the creation of the PCTI training materials and presentations. Avital is a CCTP (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional), and she provides supportive listening and mental health services to the local Holocaust survivors. Avital facilitates group discussion sessions with both Holocaust survivors and second-generation Holocaust survivors.


Avital earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities from Bar Ilan University (Israel) and her Master of Science in Leadership degree from Nova Southeastern University. As the daughter of Holocaust Survivors, Avital is personally and professionally passionate about trauma informed care.

Jenni Frumer, PhD, LCSW, MSEd
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JENNI FRUMER is currently the Director of the NOW for Holocaust Survivors Initiative at MorseLife Health Systems and is also the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the NEXT GENERATIONS of Holocaust Survivors.  She offers counseling to Holocaust survivors and their families.


Dr. Frumer retired as the CEO of Alpert Jewish Family Service (AJFS) and The Levine Jewish Residential and Family Service (LJRFS) in West Palm Beach, Florida. She has over 36 years in nonprofit leadership and is the President of Jenni Frumer & Associates LLC, consultants for organizational management; specializing in organizational culture, change management, leadership development, talent management, executive coaching, community outreach strategies, accreditation readiness and program design and development.  Jenni is on the Global Leadership Initiatives team as an Expert Consultant. She is a Team Leader for the national Council on Accreditation (COA); conducting site visits of other social service agencies and US Marine Corps installations, both domestically and internationally and recently served on the Board of COA.  She served on the New Age of Aging Leadership Advisory Committee; the American Society on Aging (ASA) membership and Aging Business and Finance committees.


Jenni is licensed as a Clinical Social Worker and Mental Health Counselor, has National Board Certification in Geriatric Counseling, a Certification in Geriatric Care Management, has an Aging Life Care Professional certificate and has been a Florida Registered Guardian. She is an Adjunct Professor for Fordham University, teaching macro social work practice; an Adjunct Professor at Lynn University in the College of Business and Management, teaching graduate courses in human resources management as well as in the College of Arts and Sciences, where she teaches graduate courses in public administration.  Dr. Frumer also teaches public administration courses at Barry University and is an Adjunct faculty at Creighton University, teaching a PhD course in Qualitative Research Design.  She has been an Adjunct Professor at Nova Southeastern University where she taught Graduate courses in Gerontology and Administration

She earned her PhD in Human Capital Management from the College of Business at Bellevue University, NE. Jenni is a graduate of both the Wexner Leadership Training program and the Alliance for Children & Families Executive Leadership Institute (ELI), at the University of Michigan. Dr. Frumer has written and published articles on geriatric social service systems, engaging Baby Boomers and community engagement models in the work of non-profits. She has also presented extensively both nationally and internationally on several topics related to non-profit administration, business initiatives and cultural competence training in trauma and working with Holocaust survivors and their families. 


She co-hosted Leadership Matters on VoiceAmerica internet radio show.. Dr. Frumer assisted in the development of and was an instructor for the on-line Alfus Patient Advocacy Program at the University of Miami.