Our Mission

NEXT GENERATIONS is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004 primarily by children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. As family WE support the authentic voices and WE are committed to keeping their legacies and memories alive. 

To Teach the Lessons of the Holocaust

We share what we have learned about the Holocaust through educational programming and encourage all individuals to speak out against bullying, antisemitism and hatred so that history will not repeat itself.  Our hope is the next generation will become upstanders rather than bystanders. We have specialized programming for schools, colleges and community centers to teach the lessons of the Holocaust.

Provide Financial Assistance To Holocaust Survivors In Need

NEXT GENERATIONS provides assistance to Holocaust survivors in need through the Nancy Dershaw Grant.  We have pledged assistance to these survivors to ensure they live their remaining years in comfort and dignity. 

To Raise Awareness of Multi-Generational Effects of Trauma

NEXT GENERATIONS is committed to providing outreach and support to help Holocaust child survivors, and children and grandchildren of survivors make sense of their experiences and historical exposure to trauma.  We feel obligated to coordinate discussion and support groups in Palm Beach County,  Florida to create a space for child survivors and the next generations of survivors (2G and 3G), to explore what trauma means to them and understand how this inherited trauma may be currently influencing their lives.